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The Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated to all the men and women from all branches of the Armed Forces that served during the Vietnam confilct. Its glass walls honor those 58,229 heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice to their country.

The Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial stands as recognition for the nearly ten million Veterans of the five branches of the Armed Forces who served on active duty during the Vietnam era; nearly three million of whom served in the Vietnam theater. It honors the 303,704 service members who were wounded in Vietnam, as well as the POW/MIAs still unaccounted for. The glass walls that encompass the central fountain are inscribed with the names of the 58,229 men and women who lost their lives int he Vietnam War.

This grand project is one of the largest Vietnam Memorials in the nation and one of only a few that lists all the names of the fallen.

The memorial is nestled in the tall pines of the Lejeune Memorial Gardens in Jacksonville, North Carolina; situated along Highway 24 near the Camp Johnson Gate.

The Vietnam War was the longest in our nation's history. Nine million men & women served in the armed forces during the Vietnam years, three million of them in the Vietnam theater. Out of the three million who were sent to Vietnam, over three hundred thousand returned home wounded (seventy five thousand of them permanently disabled) and over fifty eight thousand two hundred died.

In 1998 a handful of veterans & supporters in Jacksonville, NC decided it was time to build a proper tribute to those brave heroes, who sacrificed so much for their country. The Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is a "grassroots", all volunteer organization with the sole purpose of bringing this project to fruition. Over the last ten years the design has changed, but their conviction has remained steadfast. The land was acquired from Camp LeJeune & the Phase One of the project has been completed. The project is nestled in the tall pines of Lejeune Memorial Gardens, near the Beirut Memorial, the 9-11 tribute & the NC Veterans Cemetery (at the corner of Hwy 24 & Montford Point Road). With help from many fundraising projects & supporters (including the city of Jacksonville & Onslow County) nearly a third of the 4.5 million dollar project has been raised. Dedication of the first phase (which includes the walls) was held June 13th, 2009. The Memorial is free & open to the public. We ask that you help spread a heartfelt invitation to visit the project to everyone who served during the Vietnam era or whose lives were effected by it.

The final design consists of a reflecting pool/fountain covered by a gazebo and surrounded by nearly 600' of glass wall etched with the names of those that made the ultimate sacrifice. This will be one of only a few Vietnam Memorials in the country to include all 58,229 names.

All of us at the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation would like to express our deepest & most sincere appreciation to Mr. John Sinnett of Smith-Sinnett Architecture in Raleigh. His generosity & tireless efforts are helping to bring this project to fruition. You can read more about him & his company at:

We hope you will visit the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial soon. Plan to spend some time reflecting on the sacrifices our veterans made and continue to make each day. The Vietnam Veterans were not always welcomed home in the manner they deserved. We hope that this memorial will help express our appreciation for their dedication and sacrifice. It's a moving experience you won't soon forget.


Upcoming Events

1st Tuesday Each Month - Foundation Monthly Meeting @ 6:30 PM. Location: Premier Nursing Home (behind the hospital) on White Street Jacksonville NC.